Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to love and togetherness. A day where people express their love to the person they love they most.


As valentine’s day is only a few hours ahead, you all must be planning of ways to make your loved ones happy and give them a memorable surprise. Well, we have something that will help you in giving your loved one a memorable surprise.

While going through YouTube we found a video, that shows the unique way of expressing your love toward your “Love”. The video was posted by a channel called ” Bankal & Sehrawat”. This video will melt your heart and will make you understand the value of your “true love”.


As we are trying hard to make our partners happy, we often forget to give our parents the much needed time and attention.We often forget that they love us the most, that they are our “first love”, our home, our everything.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a good conversation with your parents? When was the last time you hugged them? When was the last time you told them, that you love them? I know it’s hard to remember. We all want to spend time with them, but we don’t have time for them anymore. Isn’t it?

So, this Valentine’s Day, we are not telling you to not spend time with your loved ones, but please take sometime out of your busy life and spend some time with your parents.

Dedicate this valentine’s day to your loved ones, to the people who love you the most and not just your partner but your family, your parents as well.


Adorable isn’t it? How beautifully they have showed us exactly what we are missing every time on valentine’s day or every other day.



We wish you all a very Happy Valentine’ Day in advance. 🙂 Share this video with your friends too.

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