Arijit Singh Married A Woman Who Already Has A Son


Arijit Singh’s fame and talent needs no introduction. He is an immensely talented guy who perfectly knows the art of captivating time and hearts with his voice. Arijit Singh is the modern day singing icon of India and after making a mark in the industry with Aashiqui 2, he has owned the industry like a king.

Arijit Singh started his singing journey with fame Gurukul and ended up as being a runner-up. He then featured on the show ’10 ke 10 le gye dil’ and ended with a win. Then he announced his advent with time bounding melodies from Aashiqui 2 and the rest is history.


His first marriage was with one of his co-contestants on the show. Though there is no official confirmation but as per sources his first marriage did not go well and ended in an unpleasant divorce.


Arijit Singh after ending an unsuccessful decided to tie the knot again in 2014. This time he married his childhood friend Koel Roy. Arijit often talks about the fact that Koel is the best wife and cares about him profusely with all her love. Arijit Singh over the social media has often expressed his love for her and has highlighted the fact that she has always supported him in all his situations.


Arijit Singh’s second wife, Koel Roy already has a child from her first marriage. Arijit Singh did not only accept Koel Roy but also her child. This is how they find their true love in each other after both failed to sustain their respective first marriages.

So, this was all about the not so heard love story of the king of melodies and his better half. Don’t they just make an adorable couple?