Deepika is currently working on her latest Bollywood movie Padmavati. The movie is hugely anticipated by the audience because of the star cast and big budget. It stars superstars like Shahid and Ranveer along with Deepika in major characters. It is hitting the theaters on December 1, 2017. The 3D trailer of the movie has been released recently and everything from costumes to sets look grand. However, it is being reported that Deepika’s pay check is higher than that of Shahid and Ranveer.


Media is eager to confirm this as if true, it will set a new trend in the industry. Till date, heroes have always been paid more than heroines and this will be the first time, when a new precedence is being set. It is reported that while Ranveer and Shahid are offered 8 crores and 6 crores respectively, Deepika is offered 11 crores for doing this film.

In the launch of the trailer, a journalist asked Deepika if she is getting paid higher than her lead heroes and what is the exact amount.

To this Deepika replied very smartly.

She avoided the direct answer and said that talking about her remuneration is neither important nor exciting. She is very proud and comfortable for the money she is getting paid for the role. She is really excited and thankful that the producers of the movie have invested so much money into a movie that features her in the posters.

“Talking about my remuneration isn’t exciting. But I am proud and confident about the money I get. You are comfortable with what you are paid. But what makes me happy is that they (producers) have invested so much money in a film which has a poster featuring me on it. That makes me proud.”

She handed the question like a true diva while not giving away the exact details in public.

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