16 Pics That Prove You Should Check Your Background Before Taking Photos


How often is it we try to take a picture and have to retake it just because something in the background ruined the photo? Well according to these people apparently never. Here are 16 hysterical photos which could’ve been better if the photographer checked the background first before taking the photo.

1. I am here for the security


2. He clearly knows what he’s doing


3. He literally peed on their reunion…ahem

4. Why take it from front when you can take in from both ways

5. And the showstopper is here


6. You can throw up while I take this selfie


7. Boxer vs taking that sexy selfie

8. A man with hands inside his pant. Gotta check before you click.

9. We’re cool. But we are not.

10. Damn that photobomb is epic

11. Too weird to accept a normal photo

12. This family photo will be unforgettable

13. Stoned dudes having fun

14. Horse riding

15. I bet she didn’t know. Don’t look back.

16. That’s how you complete the journey

These pictures where someone photobombs can often get hilarious and capture one of the most memorable moments of your life. So even if you have a photo like that, cherish it and move on with a laugh.