Being a cop or being in army is a work that people mostly relate with male. However, it’s 21st century and women are giving tough competition to men in every field.

Here, in this article we bring you a list of 10 hottest and the most badass female police officers from around the world, have a look :



1. Sasha Henry :


Sasha Henry is a constable from Jamaica. She became first police officer to participate in Miss Jamaica 2017.

2. Haley Drew :

Haley is from Texas and she is working in Texas Sheriff Department. She is a perfect example of sass, style and brain.

3. Rianna Conner :

Rianna is also know by the name ‘ Combat Barbie ‘. She is from USA’s marine and is extremely gorgeous and hot.

4. Adrienne Koleszar :

Adrienne is a German police officer and she’s a true blue fitness inspiration for millions of women out there. She’s badass, hot and tough.

5. Samantha Sepulveda :

Samantha was a cop from Long Island until 2013, when she participated in a beauty contest. She is now a full-time runaway model and now she models for lingerie and swimwear brands. She has a huge fan following on her social media, with 300,000 followers on her Instagram handle.

6. Leticia Faria :

Leticia is a Brazilian Civil Police Officer from Goias and is a complete stunner. She is very passionate about her work.

7. Crodia Maximus :

Crodia’s real name is  Christine, and she’s in the Naval Reserve. Crodia was also a part of 1st Phorm Legionnaire. She is one heavy duty officer and is complete badass.

8. Koral Malal :

Koral  Israel-born cop, who is a absolute hottie. She has a huge fan following on her Instagram handle. The most amazing fact about her is she is just 24 years old.

9. Nochtli Peralta Alvarez :

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Nochtli is not a police officer anymore.She is now a fitness freak and a model. She is very popular on Instagram with a huge fan following.

10. Anya Soutinsky :

Welcome to paradise ☀️????

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Anya is a police officer from Israel. She is very serious and passionate about her work.

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