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Twitter Reacts After The ‘PAWRI’ As Yashraj Mukhate’s Mashup Track Goes Viral

Yashraj Mukhate is known for creating tracks out of nowhere and stun the audience. He has presented us with some of the best tracks in 2020 and has already come up with a brilliant one in the form of “Pawri Hori Hai”. #PawriHoriHai, this hashtag has taken social media by storm and Yashraj Mukhate’s new composition is going viral and netizens continue to groove to this party anthem. However, it is important to note where the word “pawry” came from.

Earlier this week, Pakistani influencer and content creator Dananeer Mobeen went viral on social media in which she is seen to be vacationing in a hilly location. In her 15-second video, she can be heard saying, “Ye humari car hai aur yeh hum hai aur ye humari pawry ho rahi hai (this is our car, this is us, and this is our party).”

Mobeen saying party as “pawry” took the social media by storm and looks like Mukhate has also stepped on the bandwagon to use “pawry” to make a party anthem that everyone can groove to.

Mukhate made a new composition out of this viral content and he captioned the post as: “Aajse me party nahi karunga sirf pawri karunga. Kyuki party karneme wo mazaa nahi jo pawri karneme hai.”


While the footage has been recreated hundreds of times with #pawrihoraihai on Twitter, the video has over a million views on Dananeer’s official Instagram handle alone, said The Express Tribune.
Mukhate has earlier composed several iconic tracks like ‘Rasode mein kaun tha,’ ‘Biggini shoot’ and ‘Tuadda Kutta Tommy.




Several other users took to Twitter to approve of Mukhate’s new “pawwry anthem” and memes still continue to flock in. Dananeer creates content on a range of topics including the latest make-up and fashion trends. She also speaks on mental health issues plaguing the youth of Pakistan.

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