Twitterati Have Turned Virushka’s Honeymoon Pics To Memes And They are too Funny


How can the perfect paparazzi ending to the year be spared from the memes and tweets! No event of consequence is spared from the netizens! And if an event is spared , we can be sure that the event wasn’t important enough!

The ‘Virushka’ marriage was held under wraps and gradually unfolded amidst speculations, and finally captured the imagination and fancy of people all over the country.

Videos and pictures came gradually in an unintended dramatic manner, and everyone saw them expectedly- the resplendent face of Anushka sharma, elegance and grace of Kohli and Sharma both and the wonderful Sabyasachi Lehenga which everyone swoon!

In heaven, literally ????????

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Of course first what came were overwhelmed wishes and greetings from co-workers and fans. The couple even thanked their fans for understanding the secretive nature of their marriage. We also saw an international player wishing the couple, with one recounting her old crush on Virat Kohli. But we present you what followed the wishes- the jokes… Each better than the last !


If these jokes have let out your creative juices in addition to tickling your funny bone, then join the bandwagon ! Or tell us which one you found funniest !