Being a girl isn’t an easy thing and not just in real life on social media too. There are innumerable perverts on social media who keep on flooding the inboxes of girls with their filthy and dirty messages. And to make it worst, they even send dirty pictures to girls.

However, the the girls have stopped shying away from the problem and know how to tackle with such creeps. Girls now openly confront the issues. We have seen so many girls open up about such issues online and revealing the guys to bring them down to shame.


Recently, a similar incident happened with a girl, who was approached by a random guy on social media with an intent of doing sexting with her. However, the girl was smart enough to teach the creep a hilarious lesson that he will never forget. Here, have a look at the conversation :





Hilarious isn’t? Kudos to the girl for her brilliant wit and attitude. These screenshots of her conversation were uploaded by her on her instagram handle which goes with the username @bridgetstfu .

Here, have a look at how people are reacted to the whole matter :

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