These 13 ‘Romantic’ Conversations Had The Most Funny Ending


These 13 ‘Romantic’ Conversations Had The Most Funny Ending: All of us seek love at some point in our lives. We crave for companionship but sometimes it doesn’t work out so well.

We break up with mixed emotions. Most people move on from their past relations eventually but some try to get back to their ex-lover.


These examples are funny instances where their ex destroyed them with brutal replies when they tried to flirt with them again.

1. This is a classic brutal response. When you are in love, cuddling your partner is one of the best feelings you can have. But after breaking up asking your ex to cuddle you to keep you warm is inviting trouble. If your relationship didn’t end on good terms, your ex will own you with replies like these.


2. This one really hurts. Their relationship must have ended on horrible terms. Maybe she was not in the correct mood to talk. If your ex was dreaming of getting back together, this brutal response is enough to bury those hopes. But suicidal talks are a serious issue and should be taken seriously.

3. This picture shows how one emoji can be so brutal. The ex must be burning after getting this brutal reply. He got owned by his ex.  He won’t miss her much after this at least.

4. Sometimes best way to burn your ex is to not reply anything emotionally. This is a classic example of that. Talk direct and it will have the most effect. It shows that you are not emotionally attached anymore.

5. This is the perfect response if you want to avoid meeting your ex. It has a certain element of swag attached to it. But it will surely shut up your ex. It shows you have clearly moved on and don’t want to see his face ever again.

6. You know that she doesn’t care about you at all if she doesn’t have the time to reply to you with words and uses acronyms. It is very insulting and a proper signal that it is clearly over. Move on fast.

7. The ex was owned by this sweet and simply reply. It shows that she doesn’t want to meet someone like him again. He needs to apply some Polysporin to the burnt area.

8. It is a brutal reply. Although we don’t know if her actual stuff was burnt or not but it still has the same impact. It shows he hates everything about her and won’t even spare her leftover stuff. The reply is brutal.