These People Did Some Hilariously Crazy Things When They Were Drunk


We all have our own drunk night stories, the ones where we did hilariously stupid and crazy things. No matter how much we try but we all end up doing something that we can’t foget.

However, a few people never seems to learn and repeat the errors over and over again but they have given the internet a hilarious treasure for the crazy and stupid things they did when they were drunk.


Here, in this article we bring you a few examples of the blunders done by the people when they were high. Have a look :

  1. When you are high and try to set an alarm :


2. Never try to park your car when you are high :

3. Yes, that’s how you cook pasta :

4. Drunk people forget that tattoos are forever :

5. Never keep tools like razors when you are about to get high, because :

6. And also don’t keep any other types of tools as well :

7. We all have cried like crazy after getting high :

8. Well, parking can really be a big problem when high :

9. Drunk people also try to turn their pets into adorable christmas trees :

10. When you turn your fridge into shoe rack :

11. Well, you don’t sleep in there :

12. Never trust your friends :

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