Bill gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”. We all have atleast one lazy person in our group who has a solution for everything in their life. We fondly call them as ‘Jugaadu’. Well the world is filled with such Jugaadus. No matter what the problem or task is they find the most simplest solutions for everything.

This post is dedicated to such lazy geniuses who came up with unique techniques to sustain their laziness. Here, in this article we bring you some amazing yet funny pictures that will make you smile.


Here, have a look at some of the picture :

  1. Safety comes first :
  2. Smartphones have occupied the minds of people :
  3. Everyone wants to be Dan Bilzerian :
  4. Oversized pants? Not a problem anymore :
  5. Eww, this is the creepiest way of proposing your girlfriend :
  6. But how will he ride the bike? :
  7. Will this even work?:

8. Lol, this is the perfect solution to beat the heat :


9. Basically, laziness is the mother of invention. :

10. This is every hosteller ever :

11. The world’s most refreshing shower :

12. When you can’t afford an elephant :

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