These Crazy People Should Get An Award For Showing Us Hilarious Life Hacks


We face so many problems in doing the easiest tasks, however, there are some crazy yet genius people around the world, who have made some tasks fun and easier to do. Here, we bring you 12 crazy people with the hilarious life hacks they gave us to do simplest things in unique way. Have a look :

1. Look at that swag :


Well eating and handling the plate is always the problem when we attend any Indian weddings, however, this genius has found the best solution for this national problem and that too with full on swag.


2. When you don’t know how to swim :

Well, the next time you make an excuse for not going inside the water because of your fears, remember this picture.

3. Creativity :

Some people can’t eat their food without fork, thus, this person used his creative skills and converted the knife into fork.

4. Cups Hack:

This guy just took the love for loud music to other level. He came up with this crazy idea to enhance the volume of the speakers where he put cups to both the sides of the laptop.

5. Universal Remote :

Earlier there used to be one remote for all the television related things but now we have numerous remotes for everything. However, this guy found a perfect solution for the remote problem. This man just made an easy job by tying every remote into one.

6. Brilliant Idea :

Storing bottles is always a problem for many of us but this is just a brilliant way to store them perfectly this way.

7. Hidden Talent :

We have never seen a more perfect day to store the beer can, away from everyone’s eyes.

8. What? Who does that? :

Well, this man wanted to swim like a pro. **Slow Claps**.

9. Wine Stains? Not a problem :

Well this man just turned a wine stained shirt into a world map. Genius he is.

10. Perfect chair doesn’t exists :

Well, in case you need an extra chair and there’s no other option, this one is a brilliant way.

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