These 8 ‘Bra Memes’ Are Hilarious And Spot-On


Although, bras were made for our comfort but are they really comfortable? That feel of removing bra at the end of the day, is just the best feeling. Isn’t it girls? Agree or not but bras are pain in ass.

Here, we bring you 8 bra memes that will make you laugh until you cry, have a look and show it your friends as well :

  1. When your boyfriend can’t unhook your bra, this is probably how they look at it:

2.  Just one of those signs:


3.  We all need “support” in our lives :

4. The actual motive behind the saying “Winters are coming..” :

5. A perfect bra is a myth:

6. No, you can’t do that :

7. Finally a one good thing about gaining weight:

8. Yes, finally someone said this :

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