These 19 Shops Have The Most Hilarious Names. No. 3 Is Too Funny


Your name is your identity and likewise, your company’s or shop’s name is your identity in front of the world. Naming yourself is not in your hands but naming your company or your shop is.However, naming a company or shop is not that easy, it takes a lot to name a shop, like it should reflect the essence of your product, it should be catchy and classy, etc.

Here, we bring you a list of some stores which took the “Catchy” part way too seriously. The names of these stores might have goofed up but they are very eye-catching and hilarious. These names are so funny that your cheekbones will start hurting while laughing. Have a look:

  1. Lick A Chick, Don’t Take Your Girlfriend Here :

2. Handjob, no wonder they will be getting more men as their customers:D


3. Believe it or not but that’s a PET SHOP :

4. SHIT shop :

5. This is inappropriate but hilarious but inappropriate 😀 :

6. Yes You can buy butts here, exchange too (kidding) :

7. They are DRY CLEANERS, but way too dirty :

8. Boys Will Get It :

9. No more talking, just Feck Off :

10. We Don’t Give F*CKS but Megafucks maybe? :

11. We wonder how people work here:

12. Racists :

13. Lol  😀

14. You don’t use crap with books :/

15. Rofl 😀 Anyone wants to try Donkey Balls :

16. Fu-king Chinese :

17. Yes, a pizza store with this name:

18. Jews not allowed? :

19. Hahah..From tandoori naan to tandoori chicken to tandoori vagina, you will get everything here. :


Name your shop wisely else, it will end up here in this list.

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