These 15 Condom Confessions Are Super Hilarious


In the world outside we live with a mask on our faces and hides billions of secrets from even our own-selves. Internet is the only place where a person sheds the masks on their faces and freely shares their secrets without the fear of getting judged.

Here, we bring you some of the bizarre yet hilarious confessions that will make you laugh till you cry. Have a look:


1. Eww..Eww..Eww! :


 “I had sex on one of the big conference tables in my college library and the guy put the used condom in a random book”


2. You-Go Girl! :


“When a guy starts talking about having sex without a condom, I pretend to get excited and then talk about having kids with them. It freaks them out.”

3. Savage:


“My dad posted a picture with the caption, ‘Condom Challenge Fail’.
It was a picture of me.”

4. Oh! Burn :


“When I learned that my wife was cheating on me, I dabbed a bit of hot sauce on my condom.”

5. Have a safe sex, you:


“I’m a nurse and I hooked up with a stranger last night. The condom broke and I didn’t think much of it until this morning when I checked him in for an STI.”


6. **SlowClaps** :


“I’m a librarian. When a hot guy comes in I slip a condom in the book they’re checking out and tell them to go to that page. I’ve hooked up with 8 guys so far!”


7.**Facepalm** :


“My last relationship was ruined because I couldn’t keep it up while putting on a condom.”

8. It must be one hell of a party:


My 2 year old son found a stash of condoms and attempted to make condom balloons. While my in-laws were visiting.”

9. Oh Bwoy! :


“I had sex so bad the other night I pretended the condom broke to stop it.”

10. umm..:


“I sometime use a condom while masturbating, to avoid the mess.”



“After sex, my boyfriend looked at the used condom and said straight-faced, “My children…””

12. Wait. What? :


I was having sex with my boyfriend in his car. A cop stopped by and offered us a condom.”

13. Yeah.Right! :


My mom asked me why there’s an empty condom wrapper in the trashcan, I made a balloon. (18/F).”

14. Get over it dude! :


I kinda get jealous when I see used condom boxes lying on the streets.”

15. Now don’t have sex with that condom please.:


Damn I get so little sex, the condom in my wallet has expired.”

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