Stealing is an art and not many are pro at it. You need an out of the box strategy, a cutting edge and plenty of deceitful moves. And above all, a plan B in case you are about to get caught.

But not every thief is capable of making a master plan and some of them directly jumps into the burglary, like these thieves in this post. As expected, they got caught by police and had to go behind the bars.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you 6 Indian thieves who had karma on the opposite side and got caught while making silly moves.

1- Sushil Kumar Moosad


Have you ever seen somebody selling weed on Facebook? Well if you haven’t then you need to hear about the story of Bangalorian Sushil Kumar Moosad, who tried to sell weed on his Facebook page.

Sushil was the brain behind the page ‘Bangalore Cannabis’ and tried to share weed love by openly advertising on the page.

But unluckily for him, police nabbed him right after tracing him via his own Facebook page. Happy story, sad ending!

2- S Mahesh

S Mahesh committed a murder but got too cautious and decided to go back to the crime scene to check out how the police investigation was going. As expected, he got immediately caught.

3- Pug Thieves

These 2 college lads from Chennai tried to be over smart and stole a pug. Things were going fine till they advertised about their loot on OLX.

Needles to say, they got immediately caught but were let off lest their future was spoiled.

4- Mobile Thief

As they say, you don’t steal in open. But this hapless youth tried to get away with a mobile phone in broad day light.

He just tried to ran away with the phone but then realized it was connected to the table. Mission abort!

Catch out his hilarious footage here:

5- Car thief

Karma is a bitch. This theif in Ghaziabad tried to steal a car but got trapped inside the very car he was trying to steal. As expected, he got busted.

6- Chain Thief

When Gopi R Ghaware stole a 25gms gold chain, little did he imagine that police will straight away come after him. Seeing the police, he did what most people would have done, he gulped it down.

However, he didn’t know banana’s act as natural laxative and police force fed him 48 banana’s.

As expected, it came straight out of Ghaware’s system. However, the owner of the chain wasn’t much inclined on wearing it again.