These 12 Pictures Prove That Jugaad Technology Is Everywhere


Internet is a small world and the information travels very fast from one country to another. Thanks for social media, now we don’t have to wait for newspaper reports and television shows to get the latest update and news, not just from India but from across the world.

But, we at, keep looking for pictures, videos, memes, tweets and basically anything that can make you laugh. Recently, we found some pictures that prove ‘jugaad technology’ is the most commonly used technology in the world. In this post, we have listed 12 pictures that will make you laugh and impressed at the same time.

We always associate the word ‘jugaad’ with Indians but these pictures will prove that it is a worldwide technology. Having said that, we must add that Indians are better than others when it comes to ‘jugaadify’ things. Check out the pictures here:

1) Making the most of a small house. Easy peasy, bro. 

2) We have seen many gear boxes in the world but nothing beats this piece of art. A sledge hammer? Love you, Jugadoos. 

3) Because it can happen anytime. Better be prepared than sorry. 

4) When you don’t have too much space but TV is bae. 

5) Who needs a yatch when you can sit on a  sofa in the middle of a river? 

6) We will have to take our words back. This is officially the best gear box, EVER. 

7) Maximum utilisation of the resources. 

8) Take a bow, engineer. 

9) We don’t need no aluminium. 

10) Kids can bring out the best in you. 

11) Because passive smoking is more injurious to health. 

12) And, we will leave you with beauty.