Johnny Sins Asked Indians To Help Him And Got A Hilarious Reply From Bhuvan Bam


Johnny Sins is popular worldwide for his involvement in adult movies. He is one of the most loved adult entertainers having played characters such as doctor, cop, patient, and teacher in such films. This time, the American movie star was trolled by Indian YouTuber and comedian Bhuvan Bam.


In the modern age, everyone likes to have huge fan following in Asian countries like India and China. India has population over a billion and that is the reason why adult stars like Sunny Leone have done so well after entering Bollywood.

It gave the platform to gain immense popularity, wealth and success. Coming to India and acting in Bollywood movies relaunched her career. It can be suspected that Johnny is trying to do the same in the future.


The adult star is already following filmmakers like Mahesh Bhatt in Twitter. He is trying to gain more followers in India and for that he is looking for Indian translators to translate their YouTube videos. He tweeted recently regarding this matter.

He drew attention of the Indian followers and asked people to apply for the job of translator for the YouTube videos. In the tweet he also mentioned his email id [email protected] where interested people can mail him regarding this. However, this tweet was deleted later for unknown reasons.

Indian YouTuber and comedian Bhuvan Bam is known for his witty replies online. He noticed the tweet and gave a hilarious reply. He quoted the tweet and said that he would love to translate those videos but added that he doesn’t want to get paid for this.

It would be much more appreciated if Johnny could get him laid instead. The comedian didn’t even stop here. He trolled Johnny further by asking whether translation of “On Yes-Yeah baby” is ‘’Haanji? Arey wah?’’

His funny reply to the original tweet of Jonny went viral in Twitter. People loved it and started commenting even funnier replies. Johnny has refrained from replying to these tweets. However, he replied to one user who asked him about joining Bollywood. Poonam Jhawer asked the entertainer if he is planning to enter Bollywood too. Johnny went on to say that he will love to act in Bollywood films one day.