These 10 Hilarious Pictures Will Make You Think “How The F Did This Happen?”


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In this post, we have shared some pictures which will make you think “How the F did this happen?” These pictures are not only from India but across the world. Check out and tag your engineer friends.


1) How did dumbbell fit into that? Whoever did it must have been a heavy lifter because one weight isn’t enough for him/her, it seems.


2) Kids in rural parts of India love playing with tyres. But how did this tyre quietly wrapped itself around a tree? Yeh Hai India, Shabash India.

3) In Hindi they say, “Yeh Kudrat Ka Karishma hai” (Magic of nature)

4) Even after staring at this picture for hours, we can’t make out how the F did it happen? Crazy.

5) Hey! What are you up to Horsey? The most flexible Horse in the world. Please, somebody give him an award.

6) Haathi Raja Bahut Bade Soond Hila Ke Kahan Chale? This elephant has hijacked birds’ nest.

7) Watch closely, it’s a car inside a car.

8) Aunty says, “Bol na bete aaon kya?”

9) Whoah! Interesting man with interesting choices.

10) How can this type of a post be complete without a cat picture. Here you go…

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