Shah Rukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood, has been ruling the hearts of millions of people since many years now. His brilliant acting skills and performances have made him what he is today.


But apart from his acting skills, Shah Rukh Khan is widely loved for the person he is off the camera. His impeccable intelligence and sense of humor always takes our heart away.


Shah Rukh Khan also acknowledges the love of his fans towards him and always takes out time from his busy life to interact with his fans on Twitter through his ‘ #ASKSRK’ sessions and he always gives us many reasons to burst into a laughter.

While going through the Internet, we found a tweet that was done in the year 2014 but is enough to leave you in splits. This single tweet from Shah Rukh Khan is enough to prove why he is the King of Wit.

A fan in a notorious manner asked King Khan a very difficult question, here’s what the fan asked:

Yes, the fan asked him how 1+1=3? Although the question was senseless but the King Khan added sense to it.Shah Rukh Khan replied:

SRK answered: “If you don’t use protection I guess”

It’s just so funny how SRK can add humor to everything, even in a senseless question. He explained if couples don’t use protection while making out it can definitely make 1+1=3.

Well played King Khan!

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