‘Durex’ Trolled Pakistan’s Cricket Team For Their Poor Performance In The Most Epic Way


Recently, one of the most anticipated and interesting match between India and Pakistan took place in the ongoing Asia Cup. The match already was already a hyped one as both the countries have always been rivals. The fans of both the teams were very excited for the match.

The great performance from Indian cricket team took our excitement to a whole new level. Pakistan cricketers failed to leave a mark as they didn’t show a good performance at all. The complete cricket team were bundled up in 43 overs itself with only 162 runs in their account.


On the other hand, Indian cricket team gave brilliant performance in all the three departments of the match, which paved their way towards victory. The Indian cricketers were able to meet the target on 29 overs itself.


Off the field, on social media there were a war of words going on between the fans of Indian and Pakistani cricket team. And as soon as India won the match, people trolled Pakistan too much on social media and joining the league were some of our famous brands, one of them was our favorite creative brand “Durex”.

When it comes to creativity, the official handle of Durex on twitter are very creative. It certainly couldn’t miss yesterday’s India-Pakistan match. The official handle of Durex took a dig at Pakistan’s poor performance in the game. Since they got out very quickly, here, have a look at their tweet :

The tweet read:
“It’s only fun when it lasts longer.  “

Well, we hope you have understood the meaning of the dig here ????. We just loved the creativity here. And not just us but twitterati also agree with us on this, here, have a look at how they reacted :

In any case you missed the match that day between India vs Pakistan, today both the teams are going to lock their horns again and we just can’t wait for the match to start.

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