People generally have a tendency to find a double meaning in everything said. These double meanings are obviously vulgar and non-veg in nature! There are numerous songs that Bollywood had made of which even the censor board had no idea. All of these songs have double meanings which can be serious source of fun among friends.

Also, these songs can be causes of serious embarrassment if you listen to these songs in front of your parents. They will keep on commenting the moral degradation of the current generation.


God knows what this song Mooh main le, mooh main le with holding a lollypop means. Leave the lyrics, even the video makes us think twice about its meanings.



Teri Le Loon Baanhe from the movie Tere Mere Beech Main is heard as quite a vulgar thing among the current generation!

Din main leti hain raat mein leti hain, subah ko leti hain sham ko leti hain – what exactly is being taken here? What was in the lyricist’s mind when he was penning down the lyrics?

Once in his or her lifetime, every naughty person has definitely heard Khada Hain and had a laugh with friends. I am sure that you need no further explanation on this!

Leave alone the funny ones, the well mannered persons will also understand the double meaning in the song Main Maal Gadi Tu Dhakka Laga!

In the song Hum Toh Tambu Main Bambu, there is a particular line which says Maine jor lagaya, haath se bhi dabaya.. Can you guess anything?

No one will fail to notice the “Bose DK” in the song Bhag DK Bose from Delhi Belly. The entire movie was about double meaning!

When a certain song of the Gangs of Wasseypur says that “I am a hunter and she wants to see my gun”, the entire cause of embarrassment dropped down to all! The next part says “When I pull it out, the woman starts to run. She begs me to see it, she begs me to show it, but when I reveal it, she wants to run and hide” now a very pertinent question is – what type of GUN is it?

You are familiar with Choli ke Peeche Kya Hain from Khalnayak. But what is hidden behind the choli is a million dollar question!

In the song “Laila Teri Le Legi, tu likh ke le le” can always give you an idea how much powerful this Laila is!

The list can definitely keep on going if you add more to it. There are no dearth of such double meaning songs in Bollywood that would make your brains laugh!