20 Confusing Pictures That Can Spin Your Mind


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In this post, we have shared some pictures that created a lot of confusion on the internet. These pictures, each one of them, became a topic of discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Have a look at these and see if you can spot the confusion at once.

Check out these 20 Confusing Pictures That Can Spin Your Mind:


1) The photographer of this picture is master of ‘timing and placement’. Well done, champ.

2) Again, it’s all about timing. 

3) Is that a face in the frame or a real man?

4) That black patch on her dress looks like that man’s leg. Photography level: Legendary 

5) It will take you 10 seconds to understand what’s happening there. But, please don’t take more than 10. 

6) Who is carrying whom? Look closely and you will know. 

7) The best part about this picture is how that man’s expressions completely matches with disguised look in the picture. Just to inform you, that’s his wife’s body. She is wearing a cap and looking towards the cave. 

8) Fish with a human arm?

9) Now, what kind of a hand is that? You must be thinking. Watch closely, pals. 

10) No, it’s no what you are thinking. The pretty lady in black has big arms. That’s it. 

11) This is why we say “pot” can make you look funny. 

12) Perfect placement of nose. 

13) Wait. Where are her legs? Who took them?

14) Now, this is unbelievably good timing by the photographer of this picture. 

15) Who are these master photographers? I don’t need them. 

16) Matching dresses. That’s it. 

17) Timing is the key, all you budding photographers. 

19) Now, this is confusing. Keep trying. It is one of the most confusing pictures, ever.


20) And, last but not the least. Solve it for yourself. 


First 18 images’ source: InstantShift.com