30 Times People Were Caught Sleeping In Hilarious Poses


In the hustle bustle of this modern world, we often forget one of the most important things in life, i.e, taking care of our own selves and even more important aspect, SLEEPING!

Yes, sleeping. Ask yourself when was the last time you had a sound sleep?


But it seems our bodies are smarter then our minds as it takes what truly belongs to them, whenever and wherever they get a chance. When our mind gets tired, our body does the talking and gives up and sometimes it happens in the most unexpected places and ways.

We are not going to talk about giving you any sort of medical advice here, instead, we bring you some of the hilarious pictures of people caught sleeping in the most unexpected places. Take a look :


1. Dude who cares about the place, position or both?

2. Okay, but how did he even fit in here?

3. Dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer, maybe?:

4. He’ll wake up to find a shelter, build by his caring co-workers :

5. When you are tired of responsibilities :

6. This guy better wake up soon! :

7. Under the table?

8. Even celebrities needs sleep man! :

9. Sometimes in the middle of an award function:

10. And in the middle of the show as well. Now we see you :

11. How did he find the most comfort-ablest place in the whole world?: 

12. Hope he wakes up before the last one:

13. Seems he was prepared for it:

14. What is he doing?:

15. Sleeping? Nope slipping! :

16. okay, we all have been here, maybe not like this:

17. 100% sure, her exam week was going on:

18. Such a dreamy sleep! :

19. This guy better not wake up anytime soon! :

20. Aww! :

21. We can’t blame him, they are the most comfort-ablest thing:

22. He desperately needs to go on a vacation:

23. Why is he sleeping, wake up kid? :
Okay, we have some Bollywood celebs on the list as well :

24. Guess Who? Saif Ali Khan from the sets of Chef :

25. Ranbir Kapoor From The Sets Of Barfi & Anjaana Anjaani :

26. His co-star from Anjaana-Anjaani, Priyanka Chopra on the sets of Quantico:

27. Ranveer Singh on the sets of Dil Dhadakne Do :

28. Sonam Kapoor from the sets of Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo:

29. King Khan :

30. Last But Not The Least, Our Very Own Bhaijaan, Salman Khan :