Celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality Gordon Ramsay has become famous for his hilarious retweets to bizarre posts on Twitter. He trolls these idiotic posts and it has gone viral on the platform.

Thousands of people respond to his posts and give funny replies. He is very active on Twitter and interacts with his fans a lot. We are blessed to see this funny side to the celebrity. Let us see 17 such hilarious posts.


Can we call this a dish? It is certainly not worth eating. Anyone other than biology students would throw up seeing this roast.


Looks like he loves meat so much that can’t even stand vegetarians. He has grown allergic towards poor vegans!

Liam wasn’t highly rated by Gordon on this occasion. Can we mark this idiotic sandwich in minus out of 10?

Jamie’s first attempt at cooking left Gordon speechless and that is a special achievement. Wonder what that asparagus tasted like.

Minch all the way from magaluf wanted to dedicate his tattoo to Gordon. But that was an odd typo! At least write the name correct.

He really owned Alex here. Looking at the poor effort it seems Gordon’s career advice was absolutely perfect.

Yes that table mat is more impressive than the disgusting sandwich and Gordon agrees.

Yes you might compete with him in cooking but trolling is his forte. No one even comes close.

That must have burnt a lot. It was simply a classic troll. Gordon has no chill.

It is most probable her boyfriend took Gordon’s advice and run far away from the relationship.

Fans go to weird extents to get his replies. This one is a proof of that. 

This one is the coolest reply ever. Can we actually eat lunch looking like doormat?

Twitter user ‘heavy breathing’ must really be breathing heavy with all that smoke! Calling 999 is needed.

If Alexis’s boyfriend isn’t vegan just like Gordon, he will run away on Valentine’s day.

Once again the table cloth caught his attention more than the food itself. See a pattern?

Never mess with Gordon and call him an inferior cook than you. He will simply own you.

He doesn’t even spare fans. Ask him idiotic questions and you will be trolled.