These 15 People Got Hilariously Exposed Due To Reflection


We live in the selfie generation, so it’s not extraordinary to find photos of people pouting at themselves in the mirror. However, sometimes these kinds of images get engrossing, when the mirror reflects back something the individual  taking the photo didn’t intend on showing the rest of the world. But it’s not just selfies that can cause these kinds of issues. If there’s a reflective surface anywhere in the surrounding of your photo, make sure to check  the photos twice before you post the picture online.

The following are 15 such hillarous mirror reflections that will make you check your own photos again and again :


This picture is nothing but a simple reflection of the chairs in the room, which made him look like as if he had pissed his pants.


Let us check and double check the photograph. Its just a mere reflection of her sleeveless tshirt, while a girl  was busy doing her work in the computer.

A bad timing of a photograph can make all the difference. This image is of such an instance. The girl was busy in trying her new spectacles while the reflection ruined her photograph.

This image is a simple one but the photograph was spoiled because of the reflection of light.

The reflection on the sunglass , worn by the girl is quite weirdo. The selfie was totally ruined by the reflection.

The photograph came to be such a hilarious one as the reflection on the sunglass, worn by the girl, who was sitting beside the driver, made all the difference.

The mirror image of a man was responsible for ruining the photograph. The women could not imagine that her photograph would be loking like a weirdo.

While the guy was busy watching the x-rated materials, the reflection of the screen of the ipad was clearly seen on the transparent cover of the electronic device.

While he was busy checking his muscles, the reflection on the mirror seem to be quite weird.

The selfie, clicked by the bare-skinned guy, was a mirror image .But he didn’t notice the mirror and clicked the selfie.

While the girl was busy in clicking her selfie , she didn’t notice that someone was sleeping on the bed.

The above image was spoiled because of the mirror reflection.

The boy didn’t notice that the reflection was all that made the difference in the image.

This photograph is also due to the mirror image.

The reflection can made all the difference in a simple photograph. This image is also an instance.