15 Biggest Dating Fails We All Must Avoid


Agree or not, we all love to hear and read about dating tips. From school to offices, we meet good people, bad people, like minded people, crazy people, and we also meet people we develop a crush on and fall in love with.


While some dudes and divas know how to get things started, many of us (I am also one of them) take a hell lot of time to start and only god knows when we seal the deal.

We, at FunniestIndian.com, keep looking for stories and posts that can entertain our readers. Today, we stumbled upon information that can be very useful to all you single and committed people out there.


Like most of our stories, we have tried to present this post in an entertaining way but don’t just laugh it off because you can make these mistakes, too.

1) Keep an eagle eye on signs coming from the other end. Don’t be too cocky in your comebacks all the time. 

2) Boundaries. Establish or not to establish? 

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3) Don’t keep your expectations too high. You can have a great fall. 

4) Don’t rely too much on social media. 


5) The “Hand” Position

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6) Don’t overspeed. Take it slow and easy. 


7) Not knowing where you stand. 

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8) Don’t share too much too soon.

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9) Don’t use ‘such’ one liners. PLEASE.

10) Try and avoid dummies. 

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11) Better be dead than “too” cool. 

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12) Hold back your desperation 

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13) Don’t lie too much on your profile picture 

14) Having a balanced approach right from the day 1 is very important 


15) Self explanatory 

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