12 Hilarious Photos Taken By Smart Photographers


After the digital boom almost everyone in the world has access to a camera and mobile photography has reached new heights. We are always busy clicking photos with decent cameras are available in mid-range mobiles.

While some pictures are brilliant because they were taken just at the right moment but some turn out to be hilarious either because of the timing or because of the funny content. Let us look at 12 such images that will leave you awestruck.


12. Although at the first glance it looks like he is trying kiss the bird, no, that is not the case. The bird is snatching away the food from his mouth. Very awkward timing to click the picture though.


11. This is hilarious. This cat actually has six pack abs! Perfect timing to click the picture when the cat is peeking out of the back.

10. Looks like these two guys shop shirts from the same store. The print matches but design is different.

9. This picture gives us the illusion that we are looking at this girl by a magic binocular and her lingerie is visible.

8. No the old man doesn’t have a body of a woman. It is just a mirror reflection. Look at it again.

7. Trust us this not what it looks like. This is just a rainbow. Wonder what comments these guys got when they uploaded this in social media.

6. You have seen people do photography with the setting sun. These naughty ladies have taken that to the next level.

5. This bald guy just got a cute ha. Nice innovation from a fellow passenger. Did he show it to him later?

4. Seems like this guy travelled through a time machine to click a picture with his century old self.

3.  Even if this boy doesn’t enjoy his class, his t-shirt will not complain after eating this ice cream!

2. Have you ever slept under a sheet of sea water? No? This girl has.

1.  Feel unhappy in married life? Want to get out of it? Eat your wife like this.