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Tridha Chowdhury Comments On Her Intimate Scenes With Bobby Deol In ‘Aasharam’

Tridha Chowdhury, who stole our hearts with her debut in the serial Dahleez is currently one of the newcomers to rule the OTT platforms. The beautiful lady was seen in the Amazon Prime series Bandish Bandits and is currently becoming famous with her amazing display of emotions on screen.

However, this is the first time that the lady was seen as being a part of extremely intimate scenes. It is known to many that Bollywood, may it be movies, series of specials does need a few unerasable scenes because the script demands so.

Tridha, however, was seen to perform the entire origin with complete elegance and beautiful class. She really showed that even though her first, she will not take a step back and go through with whatever the script demands. This showed her extreme professional nature and brought home her maturity.

Tridha also confirmed that the scenes were shot in a much different way than they are portrayed. She spilt the secret that the scene of extreme intimacy between him and Bobby Deol was shot with a cushion in between in the presence of a lot of people. She went on to appreciate how Bobby Deol made her feel extremely comfortable and helped her through her first scene of intimacy.

In an interview, Tridha had commented over her journey from television sitcoms to OTT platforms. She said, “Not many people have achieved to this point in such a short span of time. I am very grateful for that. I would say that the actresses of my age group are getting good work due to OTT platform. Also now be it TV, cinema or OTT, overall media has become one and that has worked in my favour in a big way”.

On another occasion Tridha commented on the love she received from Dahleez. The actress said, “I would say Dahleez has given me a lot of love; people connect with me a lot from that show. Yes, Aashram has played a huge impact on my career, but Dahleez is something that has given me a lot of love and I get it even now.”

Tridha however does know about the struggle. She started her career with Tollywood, being a Bong. But, soon shifted to the world of Bollywood. On being asked about her struggle she had said, “Honestly every day is a struggle; every day is a win and loss. While struggling one thing is most important and that is being patient. As you are growing every day in life you are coming across different types of people, and you shouldn’t get carried away by them You should be very careful in choosing what’s good and bad for you, you shouldn’t be trapped in doing anything, it’s very important to make yourself a brand apart from being an actor.

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