Cricket is the most loved sports in India. After Bollywood, it’s cricket which works as the most essential source of entertainment for Indians. We don’t really think that any cricketer is respected and loved in any other country as they are loved in India.


Well, Cricket is not just famous in India but in many other countries too. Well, cricket is an English word have you ever wondered what cricket is called in other parts of the world?

Well, we don’t know what cricket is called in other parts of the world but we know what it is known as in China. In China, the word for cricket is so funny that it will make you laugh, even our Yuvraj Singh couldn’t stop laughing when he got to know.


Recently, a famous, Pakistani commentator, Ramiz Rajaa sked Yufie Zhang (Chinese Player) about the same.

Yufir Zhang replied that in China, cricket is called “Bancho” . Yeah we know it’s funny. Bancho is the favorite word of every second Indian, isn’t it?

Yuvraj Singh found the word very funny and he couldn’t stop laughing. He even shared this interview on his Instagram handle to share this hilarious thing with his fans. Have a look at the video:

Yuvraj Singh posted the video with the caption:

“Cricket in Chinese called bancho! ???? looks like they called a Punjabi to name it in China ????????????????????????”

Yuvraj Singh is very funny and we couldn’t agree more with him. It really looks like a Punjabi person has named cricket in China. He must be very angry at that time.

Well, if you have not understood this hilarious thing yet, then for your information “bancho” when pronounced comes out as the Punjabi abuse. Got it?

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