You Can Access Hidden Categories Of Netflix Using These Codes. And Don’t Forget To Thank Us Later


No doubt Netflix has the best shows and movies, it has more shows than you can stick at but we all seems to get lost in this ocean of shows and movies and it becomes very hard to choose what you really want to watch on Netflix.


You might be looking out for something very specific, and we end up spending more time in looking out for something to watch rather than actually watching that something. That’s why streaming giant offers a handy selection of categories, through which we can filter group shows and films together by their genres or themes.

But what you are not aware of is that Netflix has a whole list of secret Netflix categories to choose from. Yes, it has secret codes which is actually a convenient and easier way to find something new.


So, whether you’re looking for foreign films, documentaries, sci-fi, action or comedy, all of them have their own secret Netflix codes. To access each of the hidden Netflix categories, simply type into your browser bar, then add the secret code for the type of film you’d like to see ( will take you to foreign comedies).

Action and Adventure:

If you’re looking out for an action-packed movies, for a lively good time, explosions and fights, then check out these secret codes to access Actions and Adventure categories.


If you are looking out for some rich storytelling and animation, check these anime categories.

Classic Movies:

We all love classics. Classics never fails to make us cry, laugh or gasp. Here, are a few codes that are no less than hidden gems:


Who doesn’t love good humor movies? Check these hidden quotes to access comedy movies:


Looking out for something more realistic? These hidden codes will help you access the selection of documentaries:




Looking out for compelling, powerful and moving stories. Check these secret codes for a great entertainment::



Foreign Movies:

Movies from all around the world and it’s very hard to find these hidden gems from the ocean of Netflix. Check these secret codes:


We hope you have a great time watching your favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

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