Will Smith Reveals Why He Loves Partying With Akshay Kumar In India


For the latest movie release, Bright, produced by Netflix and featuring Will Smith, he was in Mumbai for promotion and advertisement purpose.

His presence was for a very short time, but his die hard fans gathered all around him in that small time. All the few hours he spent in Mumbai were always crowded by his fans. He was overwhelmed with the love and respect he received.


On the same event, through the interview with a leading daily, Will Smith expressed his gratitude towards the Mumbai food and the support he got from India.


Will revealed his secretly planned trip to India, so that he could have more of the delicious food. He also expressed his love for the Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar.

He said that it was really a long time since he last met Akshay.  He said that this was his third visit to Mumbai and fourth visit to the country in all.

He also expressed that the last time he had dinner with Akshay was in 2016 and also that the food he ate was the best food he tasted in his entire life.

He cheerfully said that it would not be practical to have asked Akshay to send the Indian food all around the globe to him, as he did not have enough free time to drop by India and enjoy the tasteful delicious food.

Thank You, Mumbai! #bright

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Well, our culture and tradition are one of the oldest and famous almost all over the world. We are best known for our cultural and religious practices. Now, when speaking of culture, Will Smith also expressed the same fondness for the Indian cultural heritage.

He said that he always loved to know about the history, in all. He explained that he especially loves the India history, including it’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

Will said that he already learned 90 percent of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and exclaimed that he would like to complete the remaining 10 percent while he remains in India.

Will Smith expressed that he would love to spend some more time in India as well as have more of the delicious food at Akshay’s house.

This is my third time to Mumbai and fourth time to the country. I think I should move in with Akshay Kumar! The last time (2016) we had dinner together and it was literally the best food I have ever had. It didn’t feel right to call and ask him to send food this time around, as I won’t have the time to stop by