Who was the woman walking with Wing Commander Abhinandan at Wagah border?


We, Indians, won’t be able forget the visuals of Wing Commander Abhinandan returning back from Pakistan at Wagah Border, for a very long time. The whole nation was waiting for Wing Commander’s return and almost every eye in India was glued to television screens right from the start of the day.


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Due to some paper work, Abhinandan’s return got delayed and there was huge excitement among the people of India to see their hero back on home soil.


Wing Commander Abhinandan has become a national hero for his bravery. His parents, when there coming from their home town to receive their son, they were given a standing ovation by their co-passengers in the flight.

When Wing Commander Abhinandan was waiting at the other side of the border, a question that popped in a billion Indian minds today is who was the woman walking back with Abhindnan. Some fake news accounts on social media started saying that she is Wing Commander’s wife and the news, as it does on social media, went viral.

But, no, she was not his wife or family. She is Dr Fariha Bugti, Director India in Pakistan’s Foreign Office. 

According to a report published on IndiaTvNews , Dr Fariha Bugti is an FSP (equivalent to India’s IFS) officer and is in charge of handling India affairs at their Foreign office (counterpart of India’s Ministry of External Affairs).

Reportedly, Dr. Fariha Bugti is also one of the main Pak officials handling the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is in Pak captivity. She was also present during the meeting between Jadhav, his mother and wife in Islamabad last year.