Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next, Padmavati has been garnering enormous appreciation ever since the trailer was surfaced. Critics and renowned filmmakers including the likes of Rajamouli are in awe of the trailer especially Ranveer Singh’s character as that of Allaudin Khilji. But did you see Deepika in the trailer? Doesn’t she look literally extravagant in the trailer?


Why wouldn’t she look extravagant when she is wearing lehengas as heavy as 30 kg in the film? Also, we must tell you that she didn’t wear these hefty lehengas just a few times during the course of the shoot but for 12-14 hours daily for as much as 100 days! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Imagine yourself in a 30 Kg dress for even 2 hours a day and see how you sweat to that imagination! This is what is called dedication my friend! A 30 kg lehenga, heavy ornaments and even heavier jewellery! How can you then act with grace when you’ve so much to carry but look at Deepika in the trailer, she is redefining grace.

Not even a whisker of discomfort on her face despite the fact that she was dealing with such heavy weights! Even prisoners in chains don’t have to bear anything close to it! TAKE A BOW DEEPIKA PADUKONE FOR THIS CRAZY PROFESSIONALISM!


Seeing the trailer of the movie one thing is pretty evident, money has been spend upon movie’s grace and character’s semblance literally blindly. You can well make out already that the kind of money put here is as extravagant as Deepika Padukone’s appearance.

You would be amazed to know (or perhaps not much amazed after seeing the lavish trailer) that each of the attire used by Deepika in the picture is of 20 lakhs! (Damn! I can buy sexy SUV in that) She wore 30 kg lehengas which costed 20 lakh each and you would neither want to believe the Kilograms donned and nor the cost of them.

To keep authenticity quotients high the lehengas were all enhanced with conventional hand crafted embroideries and hence they got so heavy. But Deepika still carries them with swag and grace and you got to give this due to her by watching the first day first show of Padmavati!

Well this is what real time professionalism mean! Designer Rimple Narula revealed that Deepika had to spare 3 hours for getting ready each time and to seem like Padmavati enough but her patience was at the pinnacle. The designer said that she patiently waited for these 3-4 hours of ‘getting into the character’ session and we are really amazed at such patience! She also wore such heavy lehengas in a few roles before but they were not for such long hours or for as much as 100 days. STNADING OVAITION DEEPIKA!

Well we hope that the movie’s success is as monumental as the response to the movie’s trailer. We are surely watching this one for Deepika’s patience and Ranveer’s character. Goodluck team Padmavati!