Agree or not, but we all want to know what’s inside the gift hampers our favorite celebs get on the show Koffee With Karan. Well if you thought that the gift hamper they give in Koffe with Karan was posh then wait till you get to know about the gift hampers given at the Oscars.

The Oscar’s gift hamper is known as ‘Swag Bag’ and id given to every nominee, every year. While the winners return with the most prestigious trophy, the nominees also don’t return empty handed.

Although, for the actors and directors attending the Oscars, it’s an honor to get nominated and getting a ‘swag bag’ in return is like a cherry on the top.

For your information, we should tell you that this year’s ‘Swag Bag’ was worth a whopping $100,000, which is equivalent to Rs.65 Lakhs. Yes, the gift hamper is very extravagant but at the same time it also makes us curious now, that what’s inside the swag bag, which makes it worth $100,000.

Well, we will tell you the contents of ‘Swag Bag’. The Swag Bag contained a diamond necklace, a 12-night trip to Tanzania for two which is worth $8,000, a full week Hawaiian escapade in a resort, a health and ancestry service package, a levitating Bluetooth speaker, some expensive collagen and gold masks and also an option to donate $10,000 to an animal shelter. Apart from this, Edible pieces of chocolate jewelllery, pepper sprays, a DNA test and underarm patches to prevent sweating, were also a part of the gift hamper.

This hamper is just an icing on the cake. Such a thoughtful and wonderful gift hamper it is. Leave Oscar’s trophy, people who would have receive this Swag Bag are so lucky, we envy them!

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