The Internet is filled with the stories of nightmare air travel and ghastly passengers. The stories of crying babies or lazy passengers who keeps kicking seat from behind, there’s no end to the horrible tales.

Here we bring you yet another horrifying story that took place recently. A video has went viral on the social media where a passenger can be seen drying her underwear under the AC, in the mid air on a packed flight.


The video was filmed by one of the co-passenger from the Ural Airlines flight heading to Moscow after taking off from Antalya, Turkey, on February 14th.


According to some reports, the co-passengers kept mum on this incident and didn’t took the matters into their own hands inspite of the unappealing site.

The passenger who shot the video was sitting several shows away from the woman who was seen drying her white underwear under the AC vent.

“People looked with surprise and bewilderment, but all were silent,” The First Tula, the website that first uploaded the video quotes an anonymous eyewitness.

Eyewitness also states that the woman was not embarrassed at all during or after the incident and continued to do it for the 20 minutes.

Although, the bizarre incidents are increasing day by day in the mid-air. A few days ago, a flight had to take an emergency landing because a man pooped and ruined the washrooms of the flight.

Another incident took place, when a flight had to take an emergency landing because of the scuffle that broke down because a passenger won’t stop farting. Have a look at the viral video:

These, incidents never fails to make us laugh and also, scare the shit out of us at the same time.

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