Who would have thought that the Nidahas Trophy could be this entertaining. Everyone was least interested in this year’s Nidahas Trophy as everyone accused that it was boring but as the time passed this year’s Nidahas Trophy was one of the greatest T20s series ever.

After the controversial semi-finale that took place between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, everyone was very curious for today’s match, and now India has finally grabbed the precious trophy.

The Bangladeshis were trolled, infact bashed badly by the fans of cricket as everyone accused them for lacking basic manners because of the way they treated Sri Lankan player.

Everyone was very excited for today’s match, as everyone knew that no matter what the Nidahas trophy belongs to India only.

The ‘Naagin Dance’ celebration continued to today’s match as well, but this time it was Indian Cricket team’s turn to celebrate and the complete nation was ready to match the ‘naagin’ moves with the team.

And the lead was taken by Shikhar Dhawan to start the celebration with ‘Naagin’ dance.

Here’s the video, have a look:

Hilarious isn’t it, the ‘naagin’ fever took over the complete ground.

What took her heart away was the moment when the veteran player Sunil Gavaskar gave us a big shock, when he showed us his witty ‘naagin’ moves from inside the commentary panel. Here’s a video of Sunil Gavaskar doing naagin dance, have a look:


However, Sunil Gavaskar’s Naagin Dance wasn’t taken well by the Bangladeshi people, they have took to twitter and have started trolling the veteran actor very brutally. Have a look at some of the tweets :



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