Rakhi Sawant, the controversy in herself is famous for her sheer stupidity. She never lets us down when it comes to making headlines for all the stupid reasons. Rakhi has been making a lot of news lately, for all the bizarre and hilarious reasons as always. Every day she is upto some new thing, some new drama, some new controversy.

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Now after creating a hoopla with her statements on Tanushree Dutta and her whole #MeToo scene, and after creating a drama with her being knocked down by a wrestler, Rakhi Sawant is back again with some nonsense stuff, but this time on Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding.

Recently, Rakhi Sawant uploaded a short video of herself on her instagram account, where she is seen uttering nonsense about Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding.

Well, in the video, Rakhi Sawant can be seen using a funny filter in her video, while she talks something very stupid about the wedding of Deepika and Ranveer. Talking about them, she said :

“Ranveer Apne Sach Me Shaadi Karli Hai Ya Ye Ek Sabyasachi Ka Catalog Photoshoot Hai.”

She keeps repeating the above lines atleast thrice or more, in the video. Here, have a look at the video here :

Well, Rakhi Sawant always have a lot to say about everything. A few days earlier, Rakhi Sawant also uploaded a video for Deepika and Ranveer congratulating them on their wedding, with a singer behind her who can be seen singing “Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai”.

Here, have a look at the video here :


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