After making it big in the Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra is shining in Hollywood as well. Priyanka Chopra, our very own desi girl is currently filming the third season of her already hit American show, Quantico.

The actress is very active on her social media handles. She keeps on giving us sneak-peeks of her work from the sets of Quantico. She continues giving us goals with each and every picture that she posts.

From clicking pictures and videos with famous Hollywood celebrities to giving us some major work goals, she never fails to take our heart away with every picture she posts.

Recently, the actress posted a dangerous video of herself revealing her ‘frustrated’ side. Although the video was made in a  humorous way but it was very dangerous and it made us believe that the actors also get frustrated because of their work schedule just like a normal ‘nine-to-five’ employee but in the case of Priyanka Chopra it is ‘nine-to-wine’ work schedule.

Yes, nine to wine schedule. The actress seems to be working around the clock and has got frustrated because of that. In the video that she posted, Priyanka Chopra breaks a glass of wine on her headbecause of frustration .

Here’s the video posted by actress:

Priyanka Chopra posed this video with the following caption :
“This is what happens when you work from nine to wine… DO NOT TRY this at home.I make ‘pour’ decisions after a bad day! Lol ok ok I’ll stop. “

According to Priyanka, she makes ‘pour’ decision after having a bad day. This is how frustrated she was.

But please don’t try this at home as the glass shown above was only a prop. This can be risky and can harm you.

We can’t wait for the new season of Quantico. Are you also waiting for another brilliant season of Quantico and even amazing performance by our Alax Parrish?

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