Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the coolest cricketer in the world is loved and respected from his fans from all over the world. Time and again, we have got many incident that prove how his fans treat him as a god.

Currently, Dhoni was not playing for the Nidahas trophy, he got enough time to spend time with his family and prepare himself for many upcoming important matches and also to interact with his fans on various events.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was invited to many events during this time when he was on his break. During one of the events while he was addressing the students as he talked about sports and fitness. Dhoni also talked about the next World Cup. He also mentioned that we Indian, although are very active in sports but still lack in fitness.

During the addressing, a student was called on the stage and as soon as the student saw our captain cool, he fell on Dhoni’s feet. Time and again, we have seen how celebrities gets irritated with such acts of fans, but Dhoni is different. He infact showed a very sweet and humble gesture towards the fan.

The gesture he showed truly proves that why he is admired all over the world for his generosity.

Dhoni went forward and hugged his fan. Also, he gave a small gift to his fan. Everyone present at the event were in awe of him and his simplicity, have a look at the video:

This video has stolen our hearts. Indeed Dhoni is treated as a Demigod by his fans.

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