The handsome hunk Virat Kohli, Captain of Indian Cricket Team got married to Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma, with whom he remained in relation for a long time. The auspicious event took place in Tuscany, Italy.

Virat-Anushka became everyone’s first google search on the day, when Virat-Anushka tweeted the secret news about them i.e., they were getting married. Their fans all over the country as well as from foreign land wished them for a happy married life through social networking sites as well as through twitter tweets, on the same evening.


On the same evening, India’s stand-in skipper Rohit Sharma also tweeted a cheeky congratulatory message for the newly wed couple. After Anushka’s reply to the same, Virat Kohli also responded to his husband handbook tweet, which is attracting a lot of traffic on the internet.

The captain, Virat Kohli got some free hours after the three-match Test Series under the Sri Lanka’s Tour to India matchup. Even with so much busy schedule, he succeeded to plan his wedding perfectly and finally got it the wedding night successful on December 11, 2017.

Moreover, during the same time, the Indian Cricket Team was busy competing in the Three-Match ODI Series against the island nation, Sri Lanka.

The matches were a success with stand Rohit Sharma’s sensational performance in the second match, played at Mohali. He put a marvelous score of a double century on the scoreboard, which was the third record-breaking score in his career.

Virat Needs the Double-Hundred Handbook

The relationship between Virat and Rohit has always been a great thing to watch. Their partnership on the field is marvelous. Many times, they single handed finished the match with a win for the country.

Even after such an extraordinary performance, Virat is still unable to score double hundreds in the blue, though, he has six of them in whites.

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma has been consistent for his plays and has been successful to convert his centuries to a double century with extraordinary plays. Rohit has been always cheered for his massive plays by the cricket community.

Now, coming to the congratulatory tweet from Rohit Sharma, Virat replied with a twist. On Sharma’s demand for the husband handbook, Virat desired the double hundred handbooks from him.

His reply to the hard hitter read that he was very pleased to receive his good wishes, however, he requested him to provide his double century handbook against the husband handbook. At present, Anushka also welcomed the affectionate message with complementary thanks.

The tweet thread:

Anushka’s lovely reply: