We read and watch a lot of women harassment news and sometimes it happens live in front of us. While majority of girls remain calm and try to ignore the abusers and perverts but some girls are bold enough to teach these perverts a good lesson, they are not ready to take any shit from such perverts or even from the society.

One such incident happened recently, where a women took matters into her hands and she not just taught perverts a good lesson but also set an example infront of all the girls who remain mum in such matters.


Recently a lot of women have taken stand against wrong and these abusers but this incident set a great example and it left behind all the earlier cases.

In the recent incident, a woman was being chased by two men as she was travelling on rickshaw in the Gaffar market of Karol Bagh. The men were chasing her on another rickshaw and were even passing bad comments about her. But the girl instead of ignoring these perverts chose to take stand against them and teach them a good lesson.

The girl got off the rickshaw and got hold of one of the guy and slapped him infront of everyone, while the other man ran away from the scene.

No, the story does not ends here, the girl then dragged the guy to the police station. The second man also surrendered himself later.

A video is making rounds on the internet where the girl can be seen dragging the guy, have a look:

करोल बाग चप्पल मार्किट में एक लड़की से छेड़छाड़ करने वाले युवक को लड़की ने धो डाला

Posted by Umar Sharif on 26 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

The girl taught the guys a lesson they will not forget in their complete life. A police officer said :

She held the man and called the police. A PCR van reached the spot and brought the youth to Karol Bagh police station. The woman also reached the police station and filed a complaint against the youth.”

Police officer also revealed that a case has been registered under IPC Section 509. He also said:

“Acting on her complaint, we registered a case under IPC Section 509 [word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman]. The accused have been arrested.”


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