Comedy Nights With Kapil, the show was a big hit, it gave us many memorable characters who are now our favorite. Sumona Chakravarti was playing one such character in the show.


We all loved the loving-fights between Kapil Sharma and Sumona Chakravarti, who were playing the role of husband and wife in the show. Everyone used to love when Kapil Sharma used to troll the actress by calling her ‘bade hontho wali’.


Although, the actress has always taken every troll sportingly and everyone loves her for that, but that was a show and trolling her was okay as it was the demand of the script but now the actress was trolled badly for wearing a bikini.

Recently, the actress posted a picture of herself on her twitter handle but some people started giving her ‘moral lectures’. Here’s the picture she tweeted:

The actress, no-doubt is looking beautiful like always but trollers always find reasons to spread hatred and negativity everywhere. Here’s how the trollers reacted:

Although, a lot of people came in support to her and were appreciating the actress for her boldness. Have a look :

Isn’t it just so unfair that these trollers always start spreading hatred for every small thing an actor/actress does? Life is really hard for these celebrities. Meanwhile we can only do this to all the trollers:

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