Twitter Has Declared ‘Priya Prakash’ As The National Crush Of India For Valentines Day. Check Out These Tweets


Priya Prakash Varrier, the girl who is ruling the heart of boys and the internet as well. She became an overnight star and an internet sensation, as soon as her first song from her upcoming debut movie hit the internet.


In case you have missed the video, you can check here:

The unexpected stardom, Priya got last night earned her a huge fan following. She has become national crush according to the boys. Her memes and pictures and videos from the song are making rounds on the internet.

This is how Twitter reacted to the video:

  1. Poor Katrina :

2. Lol 😀 #Nostalgia :

3. After Shave: Baba, You are beautiful :

4. Bajrang Dal also got melted :

5. Incredible Kerala:

6. Hahah:

7. Not again:

8. Internet is a myth :

Internet ek dhoka hai

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9. Namo :

10. One from the legend:

11. Kalyug :

12. Humara Pappu kisi se kam hai ke? :

13. Ankhiyo se goli maare :

14. Lol :

15. Kohli vs Expression Queen:

16. All credit goes to Priya :

17. New Taimur :

18. Ye bhi Pighal gaya :

19. Our PM Modi also melted :


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