Twitter Gets Madly Hilarious As Karni Sena Mistakenly Burns Their Own Car During A Protest



Karni Sena has apparently lost all its senses and rational in their vigorous protest for Padmaavat and driven by the blind frenzy they goofed up hilariously. While being aggressive and violent about the protest the members of the Karni Sena ended up burning a car of their own man.

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Ouch! That’s a big good up, isn’t it? This reminds of an old movie named ‘JAISI KARNI VAISI BHARNI’ and even though I sympathize with this man whose car reduced to ashes, I like it how they bizarrely ended up having a taste of their own medicine.

What’s the story actually?

Image Source: Twitter

The Karni Sena was staging a protest in Bhopal at the Jyoti Talkies intersection. The protest took an ugly facade and the not so intelligent Karni Sena ended up burning their fellow members car and this again proves why India needs no Karni Sena. They set a Maruti Swift ablaze which was parked in the vicinity only to later discover that the car belonged to their fellow member, Surendra Singh Chauhan.

These Protests Are However Condemnable 

It’s unfortunate how these protests continue even after the Supreme Court’s judgment of the film. States have failed to follow the apex court’s order and maintain law and order in the country. Yesterday we even saw how in Gurgaon violent protestors attacked a school bus and pelted stones at the school bus of GD Goenka School in Gurgaon. Who gives these fringe elements the right to decide moral grounds and protest like this? This is one condemnable mockery of the Indian democracy and the Indian judiciary and no one stopping this frenzy from spreading.  Do these fringe groups enjoy some political a connivance or has the police become so inefficient to tame these handful fringe elements who are disrupting things in the arrogance of their irrational prejudices?

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