Prince Narula, the reality King of India. He has won all the show he has participated till now, be it Roadies, Splitsvilla or Bigg Boss.


Recently, Prince Narula was a special guest in a show called MTV Troll Police, that airs on the channel MTV. The show revolves around the concept, where a celebrity meets his trollers, to find out the reason behind their hatred and to teach them a lesson.

Amidst all the likes and unlikes and favorites and share, lies a community of people who only stresses on spreading negativity everywhere for every little thing. These celebrities face a lot of negativity on social media. And for these people, here’s the show, where celebrities focuses on trolling the trollers.

Now when Ptincr was on the show, he left no stone unturned to give it back to the trollers. Throughout the show, he kept on stressing on the fact that no one has the right to demean others.

In the latest video from the show, Prince Narula responded to a troll in a fabulous way. He was seen reading some mean tweets about him and answering them in an epic way.

In the video, he can be seen addressing some meanest trolls. In some of the trolls people even called him ‘berozgaar’ and ‘tharki’. The tweets which he responded to were:

The tweet read:
“4 berozgaro ka time aagya hai kaam pe jaane ka finally 😀 😀 😀 “

Prince Narula not just responded to the troller but also gave him an amazing response. He said:
“Agar hum aaj free hote toh yahaan na baithe hote & aap humare picture pe comment na kar rahe hote.”

(If we were jobless, we wouldn’t be sitting here and you wouldn’t be commenting on our pics.”


This Tweet read:
Prince Narula was the biggest tharki contestant in the history of #BigBoss 😀 :D”

To which Prince Narula replied:
“Pata nahi usne mere kaunse aise kaam dekh liye, ki usne aisa comment dala hai”.

(God knows which deed of mine made him say this)

Here’s the video, have a look :


He is the face of Indian’s biggest reality show. Calling him ‘Berozgar’ is like spitting in the air while lying on your back. But some people don’t get it. They’re called trolls Well tried. But your opinion is never gonna pull him down. Watch Prince Narula reply to inconsiderate comments here and much more on #MTVTrollPolice, this Saturday at 7 PM!

Posted by MTV Roadies on 23 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

The king of reality show turned into the King of trolls. Fabulous reply to the trollers.

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