Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities of 2017 According To Forbes


In the top 10 list, we can also see two more cricketers, other than Virat. Virat Kohli has been expanding his brand name in a rapid manner. His achievements are rising day by day. Among the list of various achievements in 2017, he also bagged the 3rd position in the Forbes list, 2017.


Virat Kohli is without a doubt, the richest Indian Cricketer in 2017. The Forbes list consists of 100 names from India who are said to be the richest celebrity, in 2017. As per the latest data and statistics by Forbes India, Virat Kohli has bagged an annual income of INR 100.72 crore this year.

Obviously, the income is not only from his plays but also from various advertisements and brand endorsement. Needless to say, but, Virat also carries the Grade A cricketer title from BCCI.


Additionally, he also gets incentives for being the captain of Indian Cricket Team, in all the different formats. Moreover, he became the highest paid cricketer in Indian Premier League (IPL), 2017. Having more than 20 brand endorsement, he also signed crores of rupees deal with Puma in the recent past.

Virat Kohli is making his name through his play as well as his personality. He unsurprisingly grabbed the 3rd position on the Forbes India List of 2017, right next to the two Khans of Bollywood.

The first position goes to the mega superstar Salman Khan with a net income of INR 232.83 crores while Shah Rukh Khan grabs the 2nd position with an income worth INR 170.5 crores. In a recent list published, Kohli was also named under the “Most Valued Celebrity” category.

Cricketers Other Than Virat:

The only two crickets in the Top 100 list who managed to take their names to Top 10 are Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni respectively. While Sachin Tendulkar ranked 5th with INR 82.5 crore, MS Dhoni ranked 8th with INR 63.77 crores. In 2017, Virat became the youngest among the Top 10 with age below 30.

Forbes’ Top 10 List from Forbes India 2017 Celebrity 100:

10.Ranveer Singh – 62.63

9.Hrithik Roshan – 63.12

8.MS Dhoni – 63.77

7.Priyanka Chopra – 68

6.Aamir Khan – 68.75

5.Sachin Tendulkar – 82.5

4.Akshay Kumar – 98.25

3.Virat Kohli – 100.72

2.Shah Rukh Khan – 170.5

1.Salman Khan – 232.83