This Woman Has Been Rated As The ‘Most Beautiful Face’ In The World


Beauty is more about being an abstract of the soul than being about the face. Every woman is beautiful in one way or the other and to make out who is prettier among all the alluring women is one tough ask.

But when it comes to actresses, beauty becomes competitive as they put so many efforts and time in looking their best. From using exquisite makeups to working relentlessly in the gyms, actresses do it all to survive in the competition.


Every year certain lists are curated by critics which makes these competitions even more exciting as these lists rank actresses based on different criteria.

One such list proclaimed Priyanka Chopra as being the “Sexiest Lady Alive In 2017” and that made us amply proud for the honor went to an Indian.


Now just like Priyanka’s tag, another beautiful lady has been tagged as being “The Most Beautiful Face In World 2017” but sadly this time this glory did not come India’s way. This honor of being the prettiest lady in the world 2017 has been given to Liza Soberano who happens to be a Filipino American model.

This great honor has been extended to her as per a list prepared by Individual critics and this news is winning the internet or rather the pictures of Liza Soberano is winning the internet all over. Of course, you would be excited to see “The Most Beautiful Face In The World” after all.

Once you see her pictures we bet that you can’t get enough of her and you would yourself know how aptly she deserves this tag of being the most beautiful face in the world. She even featured in the Filipino comics as Darna, the female lead.


Her pictures make it very clear that nothing about this tag is undeserving. She owns this honor by all means as her beauty is captivating and mesmerizing.

Ready for summer in @kashiecaph ☀️

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After seeing her for once you would want to see more and more of her and that is how infectious her enchanting beauty is.