This Video Of A Dog Taking ‘Saath Phere’ With The Groom And Bride Has Gone Viral


While every wedding is special in it’s own way, Mansi’s wedding was an extra special one and because of her four-legged adorable creature named, Sultan.

For those who have dogs at their home knows the value of a dog. Dogs are the best friends of man. They play with you, they eat with you, and in no time they become an important member of your family and same thing happened with Mansi as well.


Mansi’s dog not just attended the wedding but was dressed in a golden colored Sherwaani. And no, not just that but also Sultan, Mansi’s dog took the ceremonial saath-phere with the couple. We have seen couples do many cute and crazy things to make their day special but this is something else. This is surely a life-goal for couples who love dogs.


Yes! you read that right. This video was uploaded by CollarFolk, and has been making rounds on the internet with more than 100,000 views in just 48 hours. We just can stop watching this video over and over again because dogs are the most adorable living creatures and this little one is even more special.

Here’s the video, have a look :

This pet's unusual act makes this wedding so memorable!

Sultan was as excited as Mansi for the big day. Dressed in his fabulous maroon shervani, he was ready to walk this beautiful Indian bride down the aisle. What no one knew is that he was in no mood to give the bride away and much to the surprise and delight of the family, he decided to take pheras with the bride and the groom! Now that's one smart dog!!!#PetsIncluded #TakeMeAlong#Pets #Dogs #IndianWedding

Posted by CollarFolk on 21 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2017

Isn’t it just so adorable?

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