This Swiss Army Knife Costs INR 5,67,000 And People Are Roasting It On Amazon


So, you want a swiss knife for yourself for the emergency situations? Don’t worry, this army knife on amazon probably covers every possible emergency situation you may throw yourself in.

People are of course trolling this product on amazon for costing a ridiculous 9000 USD. We sorted some of the funniest reviews:


1) You can use the knife on that mustache


2) Tool for increasing entropy of the universe?


3) It works internally as well

4) Jailbreaking an Apple device? No problem



5) Dependable partner you can get married to

6) You sure you checked properly?

7) The government is harassing a law-abiding citizen?

8) Check the manual again bro


9) Then how did you write the review

10) King Arthur Swissdragon

11) Did not work

12) 16999S

13) Iron Man is child compared to this

14) One Punch Man

15) This was the most thought out execution of a troll

16) Don’t need to worry about rocks anymore

17) Use one of the knives

18) It needs energy to do stuff

19) Takes you to unexpected highs

20) Comes with a built-in universal translator


21) Sex determination is a crime though


22) Post-apocalypse-proof

23) That’s just a marketing thing

24) Heaven on Earth

25) Now it’s Transformers!

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